December Gift!

What is the sweetest thing that can brighten your day? Within a second, each one of you can come up with different and innovative ideas. However, you all might agree that a surprise gift from someone special tops the chart.

Today my love presented me a pair of nude pumps from He had been planning this for a week. I am overwhelmed with his efforts and choice. To be frank, initially I was not so sure about the company and their quality. But, I am quite liking it! Therefore, today I am reviewing these beautiful pumps from Koovs.

Box: The shoebox comes in general white coloured Koovs plastic packing. Along with a copy of the bill and a return form. The company provides extra pair of heels for future usage.

Shoes: Matt finish on the pumps may make them appear as suede, but they are not. There is a texture on the material that is not rough, nor too smooth which makes it even more attractive.

Comfort level: It is hard to find comfort in pumps, but these are pretty much comfortable. I can wear it easily for several hours.

Cleaning: These can be easily cleaned with soft cotton cloth.

These Nude Pumps have made me think to buy some more products from Koovs. Before that I am going to make full usage of my gift.

Stay close to DiaryRozaana for more reviews and latest trends.


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