5 Desserts all brides should try

Weddings are fun for all family members, and friends. On the other side, it is a life changing turn for the groom and his bride. The two tie the holy knot and promise to live for each other for their entire lives. However, Indian marriages are more of a family affair, where the marriage takes place between the two families.

In this entire process, our newly wedded brides go through a vast transformation. Now she has too many roles to play. Along with it, she has to create her own space in the family. It is a long phase, and that is why some would-be brides start working on it before their marriages. While some begin with it from the first day in their new house. In that case, you can begin by cooking these mouthwatering desserts for your in-laws, husband and other family members.

Moong ki Dal ka Halwa

Moon Daal Halwa

This Halwa is not just a usual dessert. It comes straight from the state of Rajasthan. This popular dessert is favourite of many during winter season. This rich dessert made from split yellow moong dal and Desi ghee is not for the ones who follow a strict diet.



Rabri or Malai Khurchan is a dessert that gives immense pleasure and taste to the taste buds with the least number of ingredients. Patience and time is the mantra to cook this dessert. This lumpy reduced milk cannot let you go without being appreciated by your in-laws and others.

Shahi Tukda


It is a technique to present old bread pieces into a new avatar. It is interesting to see how some amount of desi ghee, sugar syrup and large portions of rabri can make your boring bread so tasty and appealing.

Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa takes hours and lots of energy to get ready. However, if the cooking process is followed properly, the outcome can be delectable. Even Santa would love this red dessert on the Christmas Eve, then why would not your in-laws.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamuns are as popular as any other celebrity of the country is. Travel to any part of the nation and your will find these syrupy dumplings in different variants. This is a perfect dish to cook on your first day after your wedding.

Whether it is the first day or second, desserts and sweets are one of the root causes of a healthy relationship. Therefore, it is never to say, Kuch Meetha Ho Jae.


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