How to increase Followers on Instagram? Really?!

If you are an Instagram user, you might already have an idea what this article is all about. If you don’t or if you are not a user of the app, then you all are going to be introduced to the extent this app user can go…

To begin with, as an observer, I would like to say that most of the Insta users are like pregnant women. They are emotional, and always crave for more likes, comments and above all, followers. Today, I am going to share you the ways or the techniques an Instagram user can go to raise the number of followers to his account.

A Reminder Call: If you are a kid of 21 century, then you might be a bit selfish. Then this app is a perfect way to teach you ‘Give and Take’ relationship. In fact, it will teach you with a twist.

For example, if you follow A, B and C, They will follow you back. If any one of them fails or avoids to follow you back, then you simply go to their Insta account and unfollow them.

Well, I guess that really makes the user feel better… (At least I hope so…)


The Hashtags: A majority of desperate users use various kinds keyword with the # symbol. Out of all some of the most, popular Hashtags are: #Follow (268,450,449); #Follower (19,871,836); #Followme (269,477,181); #Following (16,212,734).


YOUTUBE: The famous social website has its own approach towards this situation. No, it is not about the site, but about its You-tubers. Bloggers from across the world has posted videos on how YOU can increase the followers for REAL.

Each of the videos has hundreds and thousands of views explaining some lame way to increase follower; like random people and they will follow/like you back.

The Apps: Applications has made the tech savvy’s lives easy. There are numerous apps active that allows Instagram users to increase their followers, likes and even the comments on their images.

There are many things that are strange about this entire process.

Firstly, numerous people have fake accounts through which they use such apps. Later, they all transfer the benefits (coins earned) to their original accounts to buy followers, likes or comments.

Secondly, Why do the users want such followers (fake followers) who are less active on their accounts.

Thirdly, with such fake followers, the authenticity of the user or the original accounts may get questioned.

The TRUTH: If your images are appealing enough, it will automatically attract traffic to your account. If not, then you should try harder, rather than going for a short cut.

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  1. Diami says:

    I totally agree with you ! There’s is nothing more frustrating than to see that you have new followers but they are so not active on your account…
    Love your blog ! Thanks for commenting mine. Feel free to come back and follow my facebook page for latest article 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diaryrozaana says:

      Thanks Diami. Sure, I will definitely visit again. 🙂
      Stay in touch.


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