BEAWEL launches beauty, wellness services in Delhi


Hi Everyone!
Situations when you are looking for some of the best beauty services, and everyone close to you is giving you different opinions and options. :/ That feels terrible as it makes things even harder. Being a girl, I can completely understand the situation. However, things might get sorted out with an appropriate platform that can segregate every salon, spa and other fitness services.

Hair expert, Jawed Habib

Recently, we have been invited at the launch of the new digital platform for all beauty and wellness services, ‘Beawel,’ which was inaugurated by hair expert Jawed Habib.

The company’s name stands for BEAuty and WELlness, therefore, BEAWEL. UAE- based digital platform that aims to make spa, salon and fitness centers accessible for everyone through its website and mobile app.

Anand Choudha, CEO of the company explained the goals and the target of the market. ‘The company was started in Dubai last year. Our global operations will begin from 2016. India is the first country to explore, not just because it is our homeland, but it has a potential market in beauty and wellness sector. We will also move to Egypt and Turkey.’

Taking a take on the food and travel industries Choudha said people spend a decent amount of money on booking, tickets and restaurants. Therefore, there are numerous portals offering a wide choice where people can view, review and buy products.

Anand Choudha CEO, Beawel

‘In the travel industry, many websites have made ticket booking easy. The second place where people spend money on is restaurants. Therefore, a number of portals are currently active that allow users to search, review and to buy the services of a restaurant. However, in the beauty and wellness sector, there are hardly any,’ he said.

The company’s headquarter is located in Delhi, India, and soon it will extend its reach to other megacities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. In the initial stages, Beawel will list only the known and established chains currently active in the country.

Anand Choudha and Ahmed Rizvi COO, Beawel has managed to build a platform where all well-known spas, fitness and other centers can get direct and honest reviews. With the help of Beawel even the big brands will get a way to work on their flaws.

(Left to Right) Ahmed Rizvi, Anand Choudha and Jawed Habib

I am a daily user of various mobile apps and follow several websites for food. Therefore, I have good hopes for the Beawel mobile app and website that it will help people to choose a reputed and good beauty, spa or other wellness center for better services.


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