5 Things to Stay Healthy at work


To begin with, let me share one thing with you that I am one of those people who carry work to home. As a result, I end up with some awesomely embarrassing situations. So, coming back to the topic here, I have listed a few things that can help you to avoid those situations that might get you into any kind of trouble.

  1. Stay Connected:  It may sound like our old favorite Nokia mobile company’s tagline, but it is the reality. With the time passing, technology is improving at a fast pace. Amidst all this, we are losing the essence of real or face-to-face talks. People like you and me are more dependent to various apps and other platforms like emails, Skype, and whatsapp.
    At the office, you can walk to your colleague’s station, instead of sending emails or messaging with other methods. In this way you will not only built a healthy relationship with your coworkers.
  1.  Clean your mess: It is great that you are doing everything to keep up the level of your work, but you should not ignore your workstation. Think it like this, you clean your bed before you go to sleep, then why can’t you clean your workstation? If not regularly, you can clean it in some intervals. After all, it is your second home 🙂
    A clean desk and surroundings creates an impression of a tidy and organized personality. It also helps your mind to think clearer.
  1. Break Time: It is hard to keep a tab on time when you are completely indulged in your work. Therefore, it is important to take breaks in an interval of a few minutes or hours.
    Avoid having lunch, tea, snacks at your workstation. Instead, share it with your colleagues, this will not only help you in improving your bond with them, but also gives you a break from your laptops.
  1. Exercise at work: Try to follow an easy exercise routine at work. Exercise helps your mind to stay stress free. It also helps in creating a perfect balance between your body, soul and mind.
    If you are not up for exercise, you can move out of the closed atmosphere of your office building and go for a small walk. Inhale the fresh air, and let your mind breathe, relax your muscles and rejoin your station.
  1. Leave office work in office: Most of us do not realize it, but we often carry our office burden at home. It is very important to maintain the work and personal life dividing line. With this mantra, you can enjoy both sides of your life to the fullest.



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