Send instant messages from n-gage to other apps

Hello Everyone,

What if I tell you that you can send a message with a single app, to other mobile apps. Would you believe me? If I were in your place, I would have definitely said NO. Recently, diaryRozaana was invited to the launch of a mobile app, n-gage. It is the first mobile app that has crossed all the barriers of sending messages to all other messaging apps in the world.

Ajit Patel, CEO Founder of n-gage talks about the app.
Ajit Patel, CEO Founder of n-gage talks about the app.

While talking to the press, Ajit Patel, CEO & Founder of n-gage, explained the functioning of the app, “n-gage offers a novel form of communication by liberating its users to enjoy rich messaging across other instant messaging apps like, WhatsApp, Facebook and others. This all can be done without the need of a smartphone, or the receiver downloading n-gage app,” he said.

It is great to see that finally an app has come that allow its users to send messages to other platforms. Otherwise, most of the times these days conversations end up saying, ‘Do You Have XYZ app on your phone?’ If you have the app, things are happy go lucky in the end and if not, then the situation might get WEIRD!!! :/
Video chat cross platformI am not such an app geek, but I can tell you that with this feature many of us may get some relief from those unwanted apps on our phone.

Another feature that I liked the most is its video calling that bridges the gap between two different app users. Just send one invitation link from you n-gage app to your friend who is using some other app, and do direct video calls without any interruption.

New ExtractOne of the interesting features of the app is that you can control your sent messages. With n-gage, you can lock your messages before sending it. Other than this, with the app’s ‘Blink’ feature, you can put a self-destruct timer on any of your messages. This is not the end of your control on your messages, with n-gage, its users will get the freedom of extracting their messages. This feature is surely going to help people who regret sending wrong messages to the wrong people. :/

Currently, the company is offering more than 45 languages to support its ‘Translate’ feature for text messages. The users will be able to access their profile from their personal computers. (Isn’t that great, because, WhatsApp does not support that.)

Apart from these specifications, the app users can create their own personalized messages by adding n-Cards, n-Sticker and Doodle Plus along with some, audio files, and drawings.


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