My old friend Barbie has FINALLY transformed!

When I think about my childhood, I remember myself playing with a Barbie doll. She was fair in complexion, dressed in a floral printed green short dress. Believe it or not, I really wanted to be like her because she had blue eyes, and long blond hair. In short, she was amazingly gorgeous.

Instagram: @Barbie
Instagram: @Barbie

Some of you may agree with my childhood feelings, and some may just laugh at it. But, that was the time, when we all were conceived with a notion that a perfect girl looks like Barbie doll, who is fragile, classy and stylish. To be frank, this is not our fault that we had such imaginations. We were just kids at that time, and small children live in their own dream world. As we grew older, we left all those fascinations behind and stepped into the real world, where nothing and no one is perfect.

By this point, we all started realizing that nothing is static. Things and people around us keep on changing. Following the same rule of nature, our little friend Barbie is also going under a drastic change. Recently, Mattel Inc, the maker of Barbie announced that world’s perfect doll is now available in different skin tones, shapes, heights and 24 hairstyles along with the original version. As per the company, they wanted to move ahead from all the notions related to true and perfect beauty.

Previously, the company has released a collection of dolls in different skin tones and flat feet. Launching a new set of Barbie with a variety of physical appearance represents how the company is planning to accommodate with the new generation. They want kids to relate these dolls with their mother, aunt or someone whom they know or have seen somewhere.

As they say, it is never too late. After decades of debate on the unrealistic look of the doll, finally the makers are ready to present the ultimate truth in their dolls. None of us are same, but there is a hidden princes in each of us that makes us more special, beautiful, and a Barbie.

What do you think about this new range? Have you got one for your loved one? DO share with us on any of our page or leave a comment below.


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