Nissan X-Trail Hybrid takes over GT-R

Auto Expo 2016 left us with awestruck launches. One side Ford launched its masculine Mustang, whereas, Audi launched its Audi R8. Things were quite wild at this year’s auto expo. It got even wilder when Nissan launched its sports car GT-R and X-Trail Hybrid. The launch of the automobile came along with the news of John Abraham being the brand ambassador of the company.

Nissan launch Jhon and team
Nissan announced John Abraham as the company’s new brand ambassador

The merger between the two is timed when the Japanese carmaker is planning to expand its range in the Indian market.

John, who himself is passionate about speed and automobiles is excited by the collaboration. “I’ve always been passionate about driving. The GT-R is a legendary car that petrolheads like me swear by, while the X-Trail Hybrid is the right product at the right time for our country. I’m thrilled to be joining Nissan at such an exciting time for the company in India and look forward to the journey ahead.”

The two cars represent completely two different genres. GT-R sports car is powered by 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 engine, whereas the X-Trail Hybrid is the revamped version of the old Nissan X-Trail. By the end of 2016, both the versions will be available in the Indian market.

The company has left all the car enthusiasts in a dilemma. They have to choose between the passion and their pocket. However, Delhities have already decided what they are getting and what they are avoiding this year.

Arun, who is currently pursuing his Engineering from IP University, says, “The Company has promised a lot. I hope that they are able to meet all the expectations. Currently, I can’t buy any of them, but my heart continuously beats for GT-R”

“I believe that both the cars are good in their own way. If you are passionate about speed, and have lots and lots of money, you can spend it on GT-R. If not, then X-Trail Hybrid would be a nice option, says Karuna, who works as a freelance PR consultant.

Nissan GT-R

Gautam Kapoor, who is an avid car lover and never misses the Auto Expo said, “This year I came especially to see the beast, Mustang. However, Nissan’s launch and its new brand ambassador have really impressed me. I am eager to see the X-Trail Hybrid on roads.”

When diaryRozaana asked a family man Sukhwinder Kohli, to choose one out of the two he said, “I am passionate about speed and cars and so are my kids. But I have to control my desires, and look for the safety for my family before any other thing.”

X-Trail Hybrid
Nissan X-Trail Hybrid

Different people had different reasons to choose, young ones opted for the speed. On the other side, a majority opted for the safety, comfort and mileage. The verdict is out, X-Trail Hybrid is the real choice for delhiwallas. What is yours?



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