Paint your walls with Philips Hue lights


What happens when technology and innovation comes together? No, it always does not create an ‘Apple’. The combination of two transcends to various concepts that can ease our daily lives. Following the same idea, recently, our dear electronics company Philips, launched a new range of lightning called Philips Hue.

Hue product with apples 3 bulbs

As the name suggests, Philips Hue creates a different ambience allowing users to create and control home lighting. Isn’t that great, now when you throw a party, you do not have to get bothered about the lighting system. One of its amazing feature is that it can be easily synchronized with the current music or the TV series you are watching. As the music changes, your lighting will be automatically changed.

Hue Go -  Hue and Wine

Philips hue light comes with the amazing white light feature, which controls the amount of light whether it’s a chilly morning or hot summers. From dawn to dusk it creates the perfect atmosphere for every mundane situation.

Hue Lightstrip Plus_dinner orange

This range of Philips lighting can be controlled wirelessly with the help of a smartphone or a tablet.  These lights are easy to install. Currently, the range offer, its users to tune shades from a palate of 16 million colours. Now with these hue lights, happily paint your house as per your moods.




Hue Lightstrips_hallway 1


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  1. OMG
    I’m moving to my new flat. This is something I have to show my husband. Thanks for sharing.

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